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Our company works in affiliation with the U.S. based company Register-FDA that offers comprehensive FDA Registration Service tailor-made for companies in U.S. as well as Non-U.S. companies. Our company is located in Ahmedabad, India and works hand-in-hand with Register-FDA to assist and support the Indian companies get registered with US FDA, so that they can export their products in U.S. in a smooth manner. We offer a variety of US FDA Registration Service including USFDA Certification Qatar, US FDA Certificate UAE, US FDA Certificate Bahrain, USFDA Certification Middle East and US FDA Registration Service for Tobacco products.

If the company exporting products to U.S. do not get registered under FDA, then the government of the United States may not permit the shipment of the company, leading to monetary loss of all storage, transportation apart from their products getting disapproved from being marketed in the U.S. market. The federal government is likely to take criminal actions in federal court to prosecute, and inhibit the company from ever again exporting their products to the United States.

Our Services

US FDA Registration Service for Food & beverages

Food & Beverages

Registering with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food and beverage products involves several steps to ensure compliance with regulations.

US FDA Registration Service for Dietary supplements

Dietary Supplements

Register your manufacturing facility with the FDA through the Food Facility Registration system

US FDA Registration Service for Drugs


Drug manufacturers need to comply with FDA regulations, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and may undergo inspections by the FDA to ensure compliance.

US FDA Registration Service for Cosmetics


Manufacturers should be aware of and comply with specific regulations and guidelines set forth by the FDA for cosmetics, ensuring they are not adulterated or misbranded.

US FDA Registration Service for Medical devices

Medical Devices

Emphasizing expertise, compliance, customization, and ongoing support throughout the regulatory process for medical devices.

US FDA Registration Service for Tobacco products

Tobacco Products

Registering tobacco products with the FDA involves different steps compared to other FDA-regulated items due to the unique regulations governing tobacco.

US FDA Certificate UAE

The US FDA Certificate stands as a beacon of assurance for our customers, signifying that our products have undergone rigorous evaluation and have met the stringent criteria set by the FDA for safety, efficacy, and quality. This endorsement reflects our dedication to providing consumers in the UAE with products that align with the highest international benchmarks.

we recognize the global significance of the US FDA, making our certification a symbol of trust that extends beyond borders. Our decision to pursue and obtain this certification demonstrates our commitment to global best practices, ensuring that our products are not only compliant with US standards but also resonate with the discerning consumers in the UAE / Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

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