US FDA Registration Service for Cosmetics

Cosmetics exported to US require FDA approval if it makes structure or function claims or incorporate ingredients that fall under drug category. If the cosmetic products include color additives then it is mandatory that it must follow the regulations of FDA and make certain that they use only FDA-approved cosmetic color additives. Apart from that Cosmetic labels must precisely exhibit all the components mandatory as per FDA cosmetic regulations. We provide US FDA Registration Services for Cosmetics in India, France, Singapore, United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Italy, UK, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Spain.

FDA when examines any cosmetic exported to U.S. inspects the labels to ascertain that the product does not include any banned ingredient. Although there is no requirement for seeking FDA approval for the ingredients of the cosmetics except for color additives, FDA certainly demands the manufacturers to prove the safety of the same. And if the cosmetic ingredients are not safe, the exporters of the same are liable to legal problems.